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Essay 1: Think about anything you learned that you did not know last year–how did you come to learn this? Who or what influenced you?  What relationships, resources, strategies, and/or activities were helpful?  What effect has this new knowledge had in your life or classroom?


Essay 2: Reflect on your views of cooperative learning in the classroom—what is it? What are some of the challenges you faced implementing cooperative learning in your classroom?  How did you overcome them?


Essay 3: The STEM externship is based on a collaborative learning model with content area and cross disciplinary teams. What are your experiences as a learner in a collaborative environment?  What are your hopes/concerns about participating in a collaborative environment?


Essay 4: Describe how you think you might use this STEM externship experience and the ensuing collaboration with your peers to enrich your curriculum and instructional practice within Loudoun County Public Schools.