2016 Apply

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Teachers in Industry

The GW Teachers in Industry Project (GW TIP) is an initiative to provide middle and high school core content teachers the opportunity to experience firsthand the work environment for which they are preparing their students. Externship experiences at top regional businesses allow teachers in the English, math, science, social studies and CTE content areas to become aware of the core knowledge and skills needed to be successful in the STEM-focused 21st century workforce.

2016 Information Session

Monday, April 4, 2016 at 5:00 PM

GW Virginia Science & Technology Campus
Enterprise Hall
44983 Knoll Square, Room 175
Ashburn, VA  20147

Register with Paula Harper at [email protected]

Applications for GWTIP 2016 now open to Loudoun, Manassas City, Manassas Park and Prince William County teachers. 


Program runs from July 11-July 29, 2016.

$2,000 Stipend upon completion

Please read the following before proceeding as you can NOT save this application and return to complete it later. 

  • The application requires information such as general contact information, current teaching assignments, educational background and current licensure.
  • You will be asked to upload a resume file.  You may also list all prior work experience – inside or outside of the classroom in the text box provided.
  • There are four (4) short answer essay questions.  Remember, the application can NOT be saved so we suggest you print the questions for reference and then cut and paste your answers from a word document.



A Teacher's Experience

"One of the biggest highlights for me has been the exposure to so many intelligent, knowledgeable and engrossing professionals.  At Neustar, we have learned how working together to solve business problems can not only benefit the company iteslf but also create an environment that is challenging and fun for the employees." – Martin Schulz, Tuscarora High School Math Teacher

A Teacher's Experience

"This is a powerful program that will help me to bring real life examples to my students from an exciting and interesting business segment.  It has also enabled me to make professional connections and long-term partnerships with companies committed to improving education in Loudoun County." – Nathalia Hardy, Freedom High School, English Language and Composition

A Partner's Experience

"If we are able to effectively change what goes on before employees come into the building, we can reduce the amount of time and training required to bring employees up to speed on the job.”
– Lisa Kimball, Vice President, DMDC Operations, Telos

A Partner's Experience

"I know the teachers were here to learn from us, but I think we learned as much or more from them. Both sides found ties between education and the workplace that they were not expecting.  The teachers and our staff found common ground with the idea that perceived failures often provide a good learning opportunity in both the workplace and in the classroom. People of any age need to accept failure and learn from it in order for innovation to be successful.

A Partner's Experience

"Being part of Teachers in Industry was eye-opening! Our discussions helped me to understand the challenges teachers face in preparing students for careers in the corporate environment.  I think it was a mutually beneficial experience; the teachers were also able to learn from our industry perspectives." - Amy Shannon, Business Development, Lockheed Martin