Teachers in Industry Project - A Virginia Science & Technology Campus Program

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Teachers in Industry at the airport control tower

The GW Teachers in Industry Project (GW TIP) is an initiative to provide middle and high school core content teachers the opportunity to experience firsthand the work environment for which they are preparing their students. Externship experiences at top regional businesses allow teachers in the English, math, science, social studies and CTE content areas to become aware of the core knowledge and skills needed to be successful in the STEM-focused 21st century workforce.

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Now Accepting Applications for 2015

Applications for GWTIP 2015 now open to Loudoun, Manassas City, Manassas Park and Prince William County teachers. Application Deadline: April 9, 2015

A Partner's Experience

A Partner's Experience

“One unexpected benefit of participating in the GWTIP is how excited our employees are to share their knowledge and experience with the teachers. It has been a tremendous investment of time and resources, but the program has been a great morale booster. Our employees feel they're making a positive impact on our future workforce."
– Scott Hamberger, Co-President and CEO, Fortessa

A Partner's Experience

"If we are able to effectively change what goes on before employees come into the building, we can reduce the amount of time and training required to bring employees up to speed on the job.”
– Lisa Kimball, Vice President, DMDC Operations, Telos

A Partner's Experience

"We want to show the teachers all the disciplines -- chemistry, design engineering, purchasing and cost accounting to name a few -- that are involved in making our products. And we want the teachers to stress to their students that although they may not pursue careers in science or technology, they will likely encounter these disciplines in some way on the job."
– Dr. Kathleen Saylor, CEO, REHAU NA

A Partner's Experience

"Although the return on investment is difficult to measure, we see this as an investment we have to make. It's the right thing for the business community to do to help our children, companies, communities and our country compete in the global economy. If we don't step up to the plate now, it won't happen."
– Scott Hamberger, Co-President and CEO, Fortessa